Welcome to my blog.

Born and raised in an abusive household set the stage for a longing in my heart that nothing in this world could satisfy. I was always searching for a love that would heal the inner pain that characterized my life. As an adult I found myself in another abusive relationship that generated flashbacks that led to thoughts of suicide. To make a long story short, I was admitted to the local hospital for treatment and this was the place of my miracle. I found the love I had been looking for when another patient shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was born again right then and there in the same hospital I was born 38 years before! It was truly amazing that God had claimed me as His own. The first thing He gave me was faith to believe in His Son. The second thing He gave me was hope. Hope that I could heal from my painful past. He transformed my broken heart into a heart of love and gratitude for Him. I want that blessed renewal for you also, my dear reader.

Bonnie Roerdink